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A great game of cricket with a cricket set from our extensive collection of MV Sports cricket sets. Whether you are looking for some family entertainment or you are serious about your cricket training, you will find the cricket set you need here. We have a lot of adult and kids cricket sets that are perfect for encouraging them to play cricket from an early age, while you will also find full-size cricket sets and many other great options.

Beach Cricket Set Australia 

People who thought beach cricket sets were once made of plastic, think again. Here at MV Sports, the design team decided that was enough. A beautifully designed, well-designed beach cricket set was about to take place. In the same vein as our Best Cricket sets, we have taken inspiration from the old-school Malibu surfboard design.

Our stylish bat is made from custom-designed two-tone hardwood. Much of the rock is dark and we have added light hardwood stripes on each side in the spirit of a classic longboard. The bat is finished in high gloss varnish to protect the wood and enhance the natural color of the bat. The bat is a regulation size 5 bat, perfect for beach cricket. Unlike cheap plastic, the bat has a lot of tonk behind it for deep shots and classic diving catches. The bat also has a high-quality PU leather grip for comfort.

40mm wooden stump is also made from beautiful lightweight hardwood and has a varnish finish. Four stumps and six stump sets are available and all include our custom Planet Kids Cricket Set. They are also ready for your next beach vacation or a trip to the beach in a heavy-duty carry bag.